Friday, January 09, 2009

Dreams can change...

Dreams can change how you face the world
Take you places beyond yourself
- beyond your imagination

My dreams brought me here
- took me from the hidden depths of my heart

And upon this post - 50 along
I now dream things
That once, I never imagined I could dream...

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Graeme said...

Only 50 posts? Needs more cowbell :)

But 50 poetry posts is a respectable achievement, and a worthwhile milestone for a bit of reflection about how far you've come since starting the blog.

So congratulations, and thanks for taking the chance I'd accidentally sabotage your efforts with bad advice along the way :)

S R Gurtner said...

Your poems are always so simple and beautiful. I look forward to the next 50.

Allison Brown said...

Thank you so much Skye :-)

Barbara Flowers said...

For some reason I found this poem sat perfectly above the background picture of cities and rocks and sky. (Fantastic pic - where is it?). It's lovely to read your thoughts in what seems a wind blown sea-sprayed place, regards Barbara

Allison Brown said...

The picture was taken on the Gold Coast. The person who took it told me that in the distance you can see Surfers.

Mary Moss said...

I really like this one:-)