Sunday, June 28, 2009

Twittery: volume 2

more Poetry amongst the tweets

many moments glimpsed / thoughts, seemingly random - yet together they tell the story of a life: experiences and impressions expressed #poem


  • Gloom sets in / Strain my eyes looking for brightness / Beyond clouds that have settled upon my day. A glimmer of light smiles through #poem
  • -- Life -- Celebrate this day. Your birth was a gift to others: Birthdays are for you! #poem
  • Snow rests, hovering upon the trees / a gust of wind blows through / Then white floats upon the chill / Sweeping to the frozen ground! #poem
  • I now know the directions I will follow / And I have gone beyond the haze that has been hovering / Will you walk with me a while? #poem
  • Altering colours fade into the sky: Embers become grey-blue ash. The world's darkening, bruised skin / Sparkles with crystal flecks! #poem
  • Part 2: Those who tell you what to dream: Leave behind. Yet from them you will learn / Who will hold you & still help you take flight #Poem
  • Part 1 - Dreams are more than what you think you should have! Are beyond the reflection you see: Gifts that you can reach for! #poem
  • Cold night / bashful moon / white noise / falling through the frosted air / close my eyes, letting the rain send me to sleep #poem
  • A moment / life pauses / thoughts still - breath deep / Reflect, watch, take in / Sun's light, dancing leaves - take a moment / Smile! #poem
  • Guide to where? My inspiration's stuck / thoughts clogged by an uncertain, distant end / so many rambling processes & plans to map out #poem
  • Prod my brain / where u at? Sleeping the day away; hiding within a haze; trying 2 grapple with intelligent thinking: yet finding none #poem
  • Day drags / Head in another space / Thoughts on another time / Make a list that'll make this day pass by: 1x1 I'll achieve something #poem


twitter magnets

Possible beginnings via a tweet...
  • Veins of fire streak & stretch across the blue / Shades of blue alter & intermingle... #poem - Wonder if I can make this a sonnet? Will c :)

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Winters Sonnet 2.0

Why enter the chill of a winter morn
When homes warm cocoon ensnares me inside?
The light, drawing my eyes towards the dawn
Reminds me the cold will not long abide.

As I exhale my breath enters the morning cold
And as a cloud appears before my sight,
Yet my breath, while seeming ever so bold,
Before a gentle breeze swiftly takes flight.

Gently rays of light expand and appear,
Touching the frozen night upon the ground.
Rising up, the sun warms all that is near,
Frees the world from the frost holding it bound.

As the night recedes from the warmth of day,
Memories of night-time's cold drifts away.

Thank you Carol Ward for publishing this poem. The poem was first published at Teesside Writer's Network on the page Latest news - Teesside Poems - it is the third poem down the page. There is also the Teesside Writer's Network Blog. Also
check out Carol's writing on her MySpace page and blog Different Planet and Shadows of Time.

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