Thursday, December 25, 2008

Into the wind

Stumbling in a fog:
For no matter what
Words you speak
They will be blind.

Blind belief
That one's own corner
Of the world is perfect
Means not having to think
Of what still can be done

That no one dies
No one cries
No one bleeds
No one takes a life for a life

As the world falls
Into financial abyss
And millions upon millions die
For nothing more than greed

Find words that excuse
What history again and again
Has shown to be
The downfall of empires

Let yourself believe
No crime has been committed
That all hands are clean
And the blood-soaked ground
Is an illusion.

For then
You can argue
Into the wind.

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Beckadoodles said...

wow. powerful stuff, i like it.

Anonymous said...

nice work...inspiring. keep it up!

Carol said...

Your poetry is heartfelt and beautiful. Great stuff!

Allison Brown said...

Thanks Beck, Andrew and Carol - I am very glad that all 3 of you got something from this poem. This was a response to a person that left me feeling speechless - so instead I wrote my thoughts down and posted it here :-)