Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Autumn Sonnet 2.0

Drawn to your illuminating allure
Made of amber hues dancing in the light
Twirling and swaying in fiery grandeur
Turning, floating, falling as you take flight

While you steal the warmth and breath from my world 
Life turns to brittle pieces of decay 
As more diamond flecked blankets are unfurled
Darkness continues to swallow the day

The misty grey brims with an oozing chill
Then your mood swings arc back to startling blues
Amongst the dampness I inhale my fill
Of the beautiful starkness drifting loose

Spiral circles from beginning to end
An expected cycle both foe and friend

(Note: This poem was written a while ago as part of a series of pieces describing the four seasons, after a friend challenged me to write a sonnet.)

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