Monday, April 25, 2022


Take your negativity & throw it away Show me your policies & how you'll change lives Tired of word games I'm over the lies

Originally posted on Twitter

Saturday, September 25, 2021



Sailing amongst a dreamscape Drifting gently upon each breath Hoping the sandman lets me stay

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Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Autumn Sonnet 2.0

Drawn to your illuminating allure
Made of amber hues dancing in the light
Twirling and swaying in fiery grandeur
Turning, floating, falling as you take flight

While you steal the warmth and breath from my world 
Life turns to brittle pieces of decay 
As more diamond flecked blankets are unfurled
Darkness continues to swallow the day

The misty grey brims with an oozing chill
Then your mood swings arc back to startling blues
Amongst the dampness I inhale my fill
Of the beautiful starkness drifting loose

Spiral circles from beginning to end
An expected cycle both foe and friend

(Note: This poem was written a while ago as part of a series of pieces describing the four seasons, after a friend challenged me to write a sonnet.)

Summer Sonnet 2.0

The warmth you radiate pulls me to your embrace 
Your light lingers mingling in everything
Even as the ebb of time dictates you race
In this moment there is no doubt you are king

Out of your divine dynasty morsels are born
Providing feasts of tastes and textures so sublime
While this growing banquet ripens into a storm 
We reach the pinnacle where your supreme reign shines

From within your heart a chorus of music flows
This kaleidoscope of senses ensnares us all
A stretching canvas washed in strokes and shades of blues
With overwhelming beauty bringing forth our fall

Yet a truth remains as you hold others at bay
Your glowing heat so loved will have to end one day

Monday, July 13, 2020

Mum xxx

Last day...
Found easily.
For a lovely cuppa.
Sharing tales.
Constant shadow.
Being together.
Freely given.
No guilt
A final plea.

Days since...
A piece
Waves falling.
No regrets.
Gifted with
A full life lived.

Days to come...
Lessons learnt
Live life
With no regrets!

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Hope is and can ...

Hope is a privilege 
Hope is a gift 
Hope is a tapestry
Hope flows and ebbs
Hope can be fleeting 
Hope can fade away ...

When hope vanishes
Hope turns to despair!

First written as a tweet and shared via Twitter

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Changing minds and souls (word play)

Fingers of light stretch out 
Brightening the world 
Words mingle within our hearts 
Changing minds and souls


NOTE: While at a Pink Concert in Brisbane the following came to mind so I tweeted.  Now reposting

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Ode to the Speak-Easy Toastmasters club

I want to tell you this story,
So, you can tell it too.
A story for the ages
As I know it to be true.


Welcome to our meeting!
Write your details down -
Take a seat and tell us
Why you came around.  

Somebody suggested
That I dropped on by.
Now I've thought about it
I want to tell you why.

      I’m seeking my voice.
      I’m preparing a speech.
      It seemed the thing to do!


The meeting starts,
The roles are set,
Speeches are all shared.

We laugh a lot,
And applaud,
Commend and Recommend!

Assembling for each meeting,
We meet throughout the years.
The batons passed,
From peer to peer
And to those who are around.

Leaders take charge,
Upon Toastmasters’ paths,
To tops of Mountain peaks
From the valleys, far below.


Looking to the future,
And reflecting back.
A constant cycle turning -
Over forty years past.

“Speak-Easy” suggested,
By Herb in seventy-six.
A name ever reflecting,
Our club's nature and tone.

Always Mixed & friendly,
Supportive of us all,
On our many journeys
Towards reaching our goals.


The plans were formed,
From John's home:
Present they were there!

Young Herb and Hugh,
Russel and May
All seemed to have a view -
That women and men
Must have a place,
A home to express those views.

      Sharing their stories -
      Past and new
      And into the future too.

From where we began,
From seventy-seven on,
From these meetings came.

This idea that grew
Throughout the years, to come,
And into the future too!

This idea was born,
For this here club -


      ...The beginning...


   Penned and shared by Allison Brown,
        11 April 2017