Friday, January 16, 2009

Faceting a Friend

Charming Cheshire Mouse
Grinning a mischievous smile
Playing with our minds

Always with a grin
Radiating from within:
Touching all our hearts.

Seeing light from dark:
Forgiving the wrongs been done,
Never to forget.

Sense of adventure
Plus a compassionate soul
Blends to make you, you...

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Anonymous said...

This is my new fave...really gorgeous Allison xx Mandie

Allison Brown said...

I am glad you like it Mandie :-)
xx Ally

Barbara Ehrentreu said...

Were you writing about the moon? I have a poem about the moon called "Cheshire Moon". I can send it to you. I don't put much of my work online. It's publishing and I would like to try to get my work published for real. I have one children's story that is published online. Come read my blog. Love yours.


Allison Brown said...

Hi Barbara

This sequence is different aspects of a friend. I created it as a birthday gift for them. I asked them before I posted this poem and they were happy with me doing so :-)

I am glad you stopped by and yes I would love you to send your poem 'Cheshire Moon' to me.

I still have not been able to find a balance as a blogger and a poet. I want to be 'published' in the traditional sense but I love the freedom that posting my writing has given me. I think I need to find the time to write for both. I am also thinking of posting some poems to my livejournal so only a couple of friends can read them and give feedback. That may be the best way to find a balance.

I have been following your blog but some things have happened in the last couple of weeks that means I have fallen behind - I think that is something I have to manage a little better.

Have a wonderful week :-)