Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Glimmering thoughts in open minds
Capturing within our hearts the world
Across the street or far reaching
When meeting in this place
Visions of possibilities
Go dancing through my brain
Together we reflect many sides
Each holding a trust
Within our realms

With so many things
Within our reach
I'll hold this time
To my heart
To sustain me
On the long roads
And build piece by piece
Thoughts, once random
Into something
That changes the places
We dwell within.


Anonymous said...

wonderful poem!

Allison Brown said...

It is great to see you write that. This really was a ramble of thoughts, which when I posted it I was not sure if it would make much sense to someone else :-)

Writers-fix.blogspot.com said...

I think anyone like yourself whom writes poetry is truly talented; a gift I yet cannot seem to conquer, but wish could.

Allison Brown said...

Thank you Meredith for posting such a lovely comment. I feel that the greatest challenge one faces is oneself, especially when trying to find the right words to describe the world around us. While I seem to be caught up in my own questions of myself you seem to be doing something about your writing. I will be waiting to see how you go with some of your projects. Good luck :-)

Kush said...

Last lines were well done and brought on the sight of the moon behind the sea which was the rest of your poem. Well done.

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