Sunday, May 04, 2008


Through the cold fingers
That caress my skin,
I see the light appear:
Bringing a gentle touch
Of warmth
Beyond the cold embrace.

I breath in your touch
As I watch the light:
With all the colours
Of warmth and of life,
Reach out
And take you within.

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Unknown said...

Hi Ali,

this is beautiful writing :)

You have inspired me to show my poetry. I am usually shy when it comes to showing my poetry because it can be very personal but i feel as you do about writing. For me it is as if my soul feels up with poison, with all the negative vibes around me and after a while I have to get it out. So i write and what comes out is the poem.

So anyway, i put down that poetry shout application thing and once it starts working, you can read my poems and tell me what you think :)

Again, this was beautiful, I love the imagery and your ending ties up the whole feeling neatly :)

Anne Mcphee