Friday, April 27, 2007

The nature of haiku continues...

The tradition of haiku is to describe the seasons and more recently nature. The following haiku describe different aspects of nature.

  • The light disappears. In a fiery defiance. Into night’s embrace.

  • Fade into the light. You seem to be forgotten. Waiting for your turn.

  • Exposed to nature. No way to find protection: From the steps of life.

  • Drifting quietly. Coming and going unchanged. Captured by the Moon.

  • The merging landscapes. Entwining incestuously. Existing as one.

Also, in what seems to be a continuing tradition, the following are looking at people around me.

  • Our Persian Princess. Radiant and gentle soul. Compassionate heart.

  • Vivacious woman. Bringing joy to all our lives. Laughing up a storm.

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