Monday, April 16, 2007

Some of my friends...

Crafter of stories. With words so smooth that they croon. Mistress of the word.

Quilt me a pattern. Composed of darkness and light. Blending many sides.

Seeing in pictures. Shading of colours and shapes. Depths hidden from sight.

Other Haiku
For my Mother

The most precious gift. A Mother's embracing heart. Treasured by their child.

Traditionally a haiku described the seasons. In both Australia and more specifically Brisbane the weather and nature can be quite extreme.

Dreaming of rain fall. Growing thirst of the land. Life wilts in the sun.

Purple explosion. Electrifying the land: bringing it to life.

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Barbara Flowers said...

Hi Allison I really like your Haiku; they have interesting imagery, a right structure and a clear line of thought. Write more! regards Barbara

Anonymous said...

Hi Allison,

I really like your Haiku. I particularly love the one about Lisa! :)