Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Print - pictured

Contains the poem Print that was also posted on my blog. I am still trying to decide what image should be shown with this poem. Yet I cannot ignore what came to me when I was thinking about it :-)

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Ian said...

Hmm, I think I can imagine a suitable image. I need a model, though.

Allison Brown said...

The poem was inspired by a book that was designed by someone in memory of their son. The words came to me as I walked down the stairs away from where I had seen the book. It felt like the words wove their way into my thoughts. I feel that it needs something because it seems so lonely - Yet I agree that this image is really not suitable. Playing with patterns in Paint was my way of trying to find the image... I will be very happy if you figure out where this poem belongs Ian :-)

Graeme said...

Does this mean Ian takes over as editor? :)

Allison Brown said...

Nah :-)