Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Spirit of Open Access - Haiku

To celebrate Open Access Week 2009 SHERPA ran a competition to find a Haiku that summarises the "Spirit of Open Access".

After reading the winning haiku by Miggie Pickton I did not mind having one of my haiku being one of the many runners-up. Congratulations to Miggie for writing such a lovely and positive haiku that does capture capture the spirit of open access. Also thanks to SHERPA for coming up with such a fantastic idea.

My entry that was mentioned:

Empowerment comes
To those who share their knowledge
With the world beyond

It seems a waste not to share the other three haiku that I entered so here they are :-)

Seeking open skies
Allow knowledge to grow free
A new world springs forth

Or should it be - I still can't make up my mind...

Seeking open skies
Allow knowledge to grow free
Spring forth a new world!

Blossoms spring from those
Who plant the seeds of progress
With all whom they know

Break down ivy walls -
Sow and harvest all knowledge
A garden for all.

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