Tuesday, August 04, 2009

A bottle of happiness

Happiness hovers and catches your breath

Thoughts gush and rush forth

Preserve this feeling:

Bottle it!

And then

Bring it out again

To help face the darker days

That have been before and will come again!


Ian said...

I like.

Maxine said...

Glad I discovered your work today Alison. Write On!

Allison Brown said...

Thanks Ian :-)

Maxine I am glad you found my work also - Poetry slams sound like an interesting experience.

Now - to say what I normally do not say here - what is this about. I just found out that 2 of my poems were accepted for publication. This means a lot to me and in my happiness I tweeted a poem to express that joy. Looking at the tweet later I thought - hey this has potential and thus "a bottle of happiness" was born...

Allison Brown said...

Thanks Sue for helping me fine tune this poem and Graeme for finding the right word.

I word Preserve replaced Capture - and brings to mind preserving the moment to be enjoyed at at future point in time :-)

Anonymous said...
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