Sunday, June 28, 2009

Twittery: volume 2

more Poetry amongst the tweets

many moments glimpsed / thoughts, seemingly random - yet together they tell the story of a life: experiences and impressions expressed #poem


  • Gloom sets in / Strain my eyes looking for brightness / Beyond clouds that have settled upon my day. A glimmer of light smiles through #poem
  • -- Life -- Celebrate this day. Your birth was a gift to others: Birthdays are for you! #poem
  • Snow rests, hovering upon the trees / a gust of wind blows through / Then white floats upon the chill / Sweeping to the frozen ground! #poem
  • I now know the directions I will follow / And I have gone beyond the haze that has been hovering / Will you walk with me a while? #poem
  • Altering colours fade into the sky: Embers become grey-blue ash. The world's darkening, bruised skin / Sparkles with crystal flecks! #poem
  • Part 2: Those who tell you what to dream: Leave behind. Yet from them you will learn / Who will hold you & still help you take flight #Poem
  • Part 1 - Dreams are more than what you think you should have! Are beyond the reflection you see: Gifts that you can reach for! #poem
  • Cold night / bashful moon / white noise / falling through the frosted air / close my eyes, letting the rain send me to sleep #poem
  • A moment / life pauses / thoughts still - breath deep / Reflect, watch, take in / Sun's light, dancing leaves - take a moment / Smile! #poem
  • Guide to where? My inspiration's stuck / thoughts clogged by an uncertain, distant end / so many rambling processes & plans to map out #poem
  • Prod my brain / where u at? Sleeping the day away; hiding within a haze; trying 2 grapple with intelligent thinking: yet finding none #poem
  • Day drags / Head in another space / Thoughts on another time / Make a list that'll make this day pass by: 1x1 I'll achieve something #poem


twitter magnets

Possible beginnings via a tweet...
  • Veins of fire streak & stretch across the blue / Shades of blue alter & intermingle... #poem - Wonder if I can make this a sonnet? Will c :)

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