Monday, March 02, 2009

Twittery: volume 1

Poetry amongst the tweets

Amongst random thoughts u see glimpses of the world that is my life's foundation / twittery is the sprinkling of beginnings & maybes
  • numbers flicker past my eyes / chaos & problems not clear / though I see each 1 pass / I let myself drift / listening 2 passing sounds
  • That world seems too distant to be real / this world drains & I wish its existence would stop / I want to be able to choose
  • So much 2 play, learn, grasp / can time stop so I can catch up? / another day goes by / take in little x little / understand bout .01%
  • & thus a very long day begins. Tap, tap: churn through so slowly that secs seem like mins. Ticking 1 wee task at a time. End scene...
  • I see shapes within u / Hidden by rough edges: The potential 2 become / What I know u can be - I seek 2 carve away & reveal.... ???
  • "life brings peace / once you know to fly on / the magic quilted from the universe." twittermagnets
  • There are those / That seem to grow / Yet their mind is still / Playing childish games

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Marie Reed said...

Wonderful! I'm about to follow your poetry through twitter then. I tweet Napoleon's love letters to Josephine. :)

Anonymous said...

I really like this poem.

Melissa Ellen, Honeybee Toys said...

I'm just new to twitter this week, and I've been musing about it alot - your poem has captured the mood perfectly.
As you obviously love wordsmithing, perhaps you'll like these twitter folk

Allison Brown said...

Thanks everyone for you comments :-) I think this simply motivates to continue with twittery and post them again after I have a few more

-Thanks Marie for your wonderful blog - I collect post cards so I keep hovering in wonderment

-Wow Melissa that site is gorgeous and I have taken your advice and started following them as well :-)