Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Walk the line // Tall Tales

Walk the Line

Walk the line
Between truth and tale
Yet the line in the sand
Was washed away
By the ocean of stories told
To help the naïve sleep
With dreams filled
With the belief and justification
That any action is acceptable
When you are beyond
Seeing the stains
Upon your hands.
Stains that you
Have painted upon another
And then you blame them
For sleeping through life.

Wake up,
Do not justify a closed mind
And act surprised,
It is only your ignorance
Of why
That explain away
The reason
A nightmare was placed
Upon your door.
Innocents die,
Yet whose life
Is given more worth?


Tall Tales

Sentence me
To live in a place
Where the shadows
Overwhelm the brightest of suns.

Live within
A place that exists
In a whirlwind of tears,
Yet my tears are now lost upon the wind.

No loss left
That has not been lost before,
Let innocence bleed out

From the wounds inflicted by tall tales told.

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Allison Brown said...

I always hesitate over explaining what inspires the creation of a piece of poetry I have written. I much rather know what people think I was thinking about when I wrote each piece. Sometimes what they think inspired the poem is very accurate and other times I am completely surprised. Yet at time I feel it is necessary to explain when an event or another person's writing has led to the creation of something I have written.

These 2 pieces were inspired by something someone else wrote